The Association of Ghanaian United Methodist Churches in North America held it's annual Church retreat at the University of Delaware from Friday, July 26 - Sunday, July 28 under the theme, 'Effective Prayer'. Participating were members from New York, New Jersey, Long Island, Massachusetts, Virginia, Connecticut, North Carolina and Texas. The 3-day event witnessed a great turnout of children, youth and adult members of the Church. Several prayer sessions were held with the opportunity being given to members to offer their lives to Christ. Saturday evening was the Deliverance and Healing Session where God glorified Himself and testimonies were shared by members from the previous year. The 3-day event was capped with a Communion service on Sunday morning. Rev. Alpher Sylvester, the District Superintendent of Connecticut, was once again invited to preach on the theme of the Retreat. Members appreciated what the Lord did with their special offerings and dance. At 1pm, the service was closed for members to have lunch before departing to their various destinations. We thank God for instilling the power of prayer in His people, for indeed Prayer is our Strength!!!

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