Illustration of our New Building

Illustration of our New Building

The New Hall

The New Hall

Sometime in June 2004, the Church bought an old Church building at 615 Reiss Place. Renovation and re-construction work are still on-going.


Rising among the sprawl of apartment buildings at 615 Reiss Place in the Bronx, is an unmistakable church building. This is the building that in the near future will serve as the new home of the Ghana United Methodist Church. It has taken seven years to reach its current stature through the hard work and generosity of Church members, the NY annual conference and other donors. It is our hope that by the end of the year 2015, much of the internal and external renovations would have been completed to make the building usable.

But how did this all get started? After worshipping at our present location at 1951 Washington Avenue for approximately 10 years, it was felt by the leaders and members of the Church that due to the growing population of the church, the congregation needed to have its own place of worship. A search was launched and the property at 615 Reiss Place was located. It was an old church building that was not in use. After the purchase was secured, it became apparent that for it to accommodate our growing congregation it will have to be modified and renovated. The work began in earnest in 2005 after a building fund levy of $500.00/member was agreed to by the congregation and a construction loan was secured from the Bank. Amidst a sea of financial challenges which has undoubtedly slowed down the pace of construction, the leadership and membership have through their dedication coupled with the grace of God have managed to raise the building to what it is today.

When the building is fully completed, it will be able to seat at least 500 people, be fitted with an elevator, a social hall, a sanctuary, numerous offices, a Sunday school and a parking lot. The sanctuary will also be equipped with audio/visual technology.

A lot has already been accomplished and there remains a lot more work to be done. We trust God to give us the wisdom and strength to bring this project to completion.


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